Bullet EP

by Summer of '92

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Summer of '92's debut release, 'Bullet'. At this time Summer of '92 was essentially a solo acoustic project by Jason Dwyer. This early collection of songs were but a few that Jason had been playing around campfires, basements and bars since 1992. In the summer of 2003, upon hearing a number of these songs, a friend expressed interest in recording and releasing a few of them and 'Bullet' was the result.

Released to favorable reviews, Jason's unconventional voice, lyrical content and song writing ability stood him apart from other 'acoustic' artists. This EP has been out of print for a while but who knows what may happen in the future. A debut this good does deserve to see the light of day again and with it's ten year anniversary just around the corner you can bet the chances are pretty good!

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released March 15, 2004

Summer of '92 on this recording:

Jason Dwyer • vocals, acoustic guitar
Matt Coverly • bass guitar, piano

Produced by Summer of '92. Recorded and mixed by Scott Komer, December 2003 at Parkhill Project, Oakville ON. Mastered by Alan Douches, February 2004 at West West Side Music, Tenasly NJ.



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Summer of '92 Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Prayers In Vegas

The seasons are changing again
There’s always something about
This time of year
That makes me feel like
I’m missing something or someone
It’s getting cold and the leaves are turning
I find myself staring into the distance

And I wait
For a change to come
Like a new day dawning
And I wait
Like a prayer in Vegas

It’s getting hard to draw the line
Between living and killing time
And it gets harder to break away
With every passing day
You always swore that we’d end up here
Well lonesome is as lonesome does
Track Name: This Song Is A Bullet

This song is a bullet for a friend
Who was raped repeatedly by four men
When she was only 17 years old
This song is a bullet for what
Jurisprudence and victim counseling
Could never give back to her
This song is a bullet

This song is the bullet
That ripped through
A young friends head
When he was only 16 years old
He left everyone haunted by questions
That could never be answered
By a closet painted in brains and blood
This song is a bullet

This song is a bullet
For a bastard of a man that I never knew
This song is a bullet
For aggression and abandonment
Instilled in a young heart
This song is a bullet
For the memory of you

This song is a bullet
Track Name: Constantinople

You make me dream like Constantinople
The last rites of these days
Running like devils with angels at our backs
Grant me my rite of passage
Like a tempest I will dance with this fury
To personify the wind and the rain

And maybe I’m to blame
Maybe it’s not always black and white
Maybe I just lost myself
In these shades of grey
And maybe I’m to blame
For these mountains crumbling
And maybe I’m to blame
For these broken hearts

Sad and lonely only time
Could steal your beauty
Sifting through the ruin
Elusive forever luminous
And there’s a quiet that humbles me to silence
Flying through the darkness on angel’s wings
Track Name: Small Rooms

Hazy nights, acoustic guitars
And all the honesty that you could ever hope for
We live like freight trains waiting to be derailed

Like filthy angels we sang
Our dirty voices ripe with cigarettes
Whiskey and beer

I don't think I've ever seen
So much hope and pain
Raw human yearning
We burned and it kept us warm

We danced like bastards
And we laughed like brothers
Screaming like we didn't care
And we truly didn't

Within the confines
Of those small rooms
We may as well have been gods
Or maybe just a million miles away

For those night
When you would have had to fight
To tear the smiles from our lips
We owe it to Bushmills and small rooms.
Track Name: Ender
Lend me your ear and I'll sing you
The saddest song that you've ever heard

This song won't be just for the sake of verse
It will truly be the saddest song that you've ever heard

Let me sit down by the river and I'll write you
The saddest song that you've ever heard