Shipping and return policies for Summer of '92

Shipping Info
In these days of high shipping cost, we here at SUMMER OF '92 are doing our part to keep them as low as possible for you. This means no airmail, unless you want to pay for it. It will be surface mail for the most part which means it may very well take a while to get to you but you won't have to sell your left kidney to get your package shipped to you!

Canada Post needs the recipients postal code, zip code etc. (as well as size and weight) in order to calculate shipping costs so it is near impossible for us to tell you the exact amount for shipping, so we ballparked it for you and because we are such sweet guys we've even lowballed those ballparked costs.

Sure we'll probably end up eating a bit in shipping costs here and there but it is more important to us that you GET what you ordered!
Return Policy
For faulty product or products, please return the product, as is, for a full reimbursement.

We will return your payment to you up receipt of the faulty product or products.

Thank you.